Columbina. Oil on Canvas. 45x55 cm. 2016

Photograph by Anna Edlund & Markus Andersson, STUDIO SKATAN.

Cornelia was born in Norway in 1979. From the onset of her painting pursuits in her late teens, she has been particularly interested in rendering the human form and expression.
Her affection for the genres of interior and especially still- life, has bloomed with time.

She achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Victoria, British Colombia in Canada in 2003. While in University she became acquainted with the paradigms of conceptual art, but decided to pursue classical realism. She graduated From The Florence Academy of Art in Italy, summer 2007 and stayed in Florence for two more years teaching at the FAA as a principal instructor. She currently lives in Sweden, where she teaches drawing and painting at The Florence Academy of Art in Gothenburg.

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60X90 cm. 2013

170X105 CM Oil on Canvas. 2012



In Nordic Mythology, the Goddesses of fate sit by the rots of the tree of life, Yggdrasil and weave the destiny of humanity with the threads of life.

The Norns are sisters, and they are closely connected. The oldest is named, Urd, the middle is Verdande, and the youngest is named, Skuld, which respectively means: the past, the present and the future. The Norns weave all the events that have happened, is happening, and is going to happen. 
The Norns are there when someone is born. When they cut a thread, someones life has ended. 

It intrigues me that people of all ages are attempting to make sense of life and in many cases, through the notion of a destiny. 
I don't believe in a preset destiny, but I do believe that there is a cycle in life that can repeat itself, often within our own lives and throughout history. In this painting, this is represented by the spiral that the Norns are weaving in the tapestry. 
I find that a tapestry is such a beautiful symbol of life. We each represent a thread that through being woven into other threads create the fabric of life.

The leafs that are within the spiral, symbolize the Ash tree, Yggdrasil, which they are sitting by. Its roots slowly move into the horizon and assumes the shape of distant mountains. 
The slight fog that surrounds them alludes to the mystery of life. We cannot see or therefore understand everything. However, accepting that there is much we do not understand since life is complicated and much of life is veiled from us, allows us to be more open to possibilities.  Perhaps accepting this can allow us to be more at peace with how unpredictable yet amazing life is.